QuickTapSurvey Support Center

Collecting responses with Online Surveys

Using the Online survey type, you can collect data by distributing your survey online.

Even if you have not built an Online survey, you can still collect data online as long as your survey's questions are all supported by the Online Survey type.

Please note that you can only collect 1 survey response every 24 hours per device with online surveys.

Collecting Data Online With a Published Survey

1. Log in to the QuickTapSurvey Web App and click Surveys. 

2. Click the Dropdown Menu for the survey you want to send as a Online Survey and click View Survey.


3. To copy the link to your survey to your clipboard, click Copy.

4. Share the URL for your survey online, by email, or with any other method for distributing this URL to your Online Survey.

5. When you want to stop receiving data on your Online Survey, uncheck Allow responses to be collected.


If someone goes to your survey link after you have unchecked Allow responses to be collected, they will see a message letting them know that your survey is no longer accepting responses.