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API Key Generation v1.0

To be able to access the QuickTapSurvey API, you will need to generate an API key.

How to Generate an API Key 

1. Log in to the QuickTapSurvey Web App, and click the Account Dropdown


2. Click the API Settings button.


3. Click the Generate New API Key button. 


4. Select the API user that will be associated with the API Key.


5. If there is no user click Create API user and click done. 


6. Click Create.


7. Create an API user from the popup menu and click Create


8. The system will now generate an API Key for you.


Optional - If you need to generate a new API Key, click the Re-generate API Key button.


Using an Existing API Key for v1.0


If you already have an existing API key, you will notice that there will be no username associated with it. This key will still be supported for API v1.0.

If that key is deleted, then the first API key in your list can be used for both versions.