QuickTapSurvey Support Center

API Result Codes

All requests to the QuickTapSurvey API will return an HTTP status code of 200 (OK). In addition, all responses will contain a result code in their body in a JSON object that is specific to the QuickTapSurvey app and API methods as described below. 


Code Message
0Invalid request.
1Request per day limit exceeded.
2Request per second limit exceeded.
10Login succeeded.
11Login failed: bad password, bad username or locked out account.
12Login failed: invalid API key.
20List surveys succeeded.
21List surveys failed.
22List surveys: invalid page number.
30Get survey responses succeeded.
31Get survey responses failed.
32Get survey responses: invalid page number.
33Unauthorized survey.
34Unauthorized survey.
35Get survey responses: survey not published.
36Get survey responses: This survey is incompatible with your current plan.
37You are attempting to use an API key valid only for API v1, please contact support@quicktapsurvey.com
38API key required
39Username required
40API key and username required.
41You have exceeded your response limit that your plan allows, please consider upgrading.