QuickTapSurvey Support Center


Endpoint URL 


Request Body Parameters

 Parameter  Data Type Optional/Mandatory  Default if not specified  Constraints Description
usernameStringMandatoryN/A - Mandatory ParameterMust be a valid username within QuickTapSurveyThe username with API user access role.
API KeyStringMandatoryN/A - Mandatory ParameterMust be a valid API key within QuickTapSurveyThe official API key generated by QuickTapSurvey.
pageSizeintOptional10Min 1, Max 50The number of results to be returned in the current request or page.
pageNumberintOptional1Min 1The page number of the result set being returned.


Response Parameters

pageNumberintThe page number of the result set being returned.
surveyListarrayA list of surveys that you are authorized to access. Each survey inside this list contains a surveyId, surveyName, and totalResponses field.
surveyIdintThe integer that uniquely identifies a survey.
surveyNameStringThe name of the survey.
totalResponsesintThe number of responses that have been collected for the survey from active devices.
resultCodeStringA code corresponding to the result of the request. See result code explanations.
resultDescription StringA description of the result of the API request.


Sample JSON Request


    username: "APIuser",


    pageSize: 25,

    pageNumber: 1