QuickTapSurvey Support Center

Incomplete Responses

When using the Face to Face or Kiosk survey types, QuickTapSurvey will show you data from surveys which were started but not completed by the survey respondent.

A response is considered to be Complete if the survey proceeds past the last question of the survey. 

A response is considered to be Incomplete if at least 1 question has been responded to, and the survey does not proceed past the last question in the survey.

The following scenarios can lead to Incomplete responses if they occur before a response has been completed:

• Cancelling a survey

• Survey timeout


Viewing Incomplete Responses

1. Log in to the QuickTapSurvey Web App and click Surveys.


2. Click the View Responses icon for the survey for which you want to view Incomplete Responses.


3. If your survey has Incomplete Responses you will see the tabs CompleteIncomplete, and All. These tabs will not appear if all of your responses are Complete Responses.

Clicking on the Complete tab will show you only Complete Responses.

Clicking on the Incomplete tab will show you only Incomplete Responses.

Clicking on the All tab will show you both Complete Responses and Incomplete Responses.


Taking Action on Data

You can include Incomplete Responses when taking action on your data from the Survey Responses page. 

1. To include Incomplete Responses in the action you want to take a click on either Incomplete tab or the All tab.



2. Take action with your Incomplete data by clicking on one of the options for taking action with your data.