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Satisfaction Report

The Satisfaction allows you to understand the response data from both a high-level overview of All Satisfaction questions in your surveys, as well as a Specific Satisfaction Question. It is available to accounts subscribed to the Pro plan or Premium plan.


Satisfaction Overview 


1. Filter by Date Range

2. Filter by Survey

3. Filter by User

4. Print Report

5. Overview of All Satisfaction Questions

6. Responses by Satisfaction Level

7. Overall Score

8. Frequency Selection for Graph

9. Satisfaction Data by Frequency

10. Overall Satisfaction Score by Frequency

11. Overview of a Specific Satisfaction Question

12. Download Results to Excel


How is the Satisfaction Score Calculated? 

The Satisfaction Score is the percentage of responses which are a Happy or Very Happy out all responses or within a specific question.



2 Very Unsatisfied + 2 Somewhat Dissatisfied + 2 Neutral + 8 Somewhat Satisfied + 14 Very Satisfied = 28 total responses


8 Somewhat Satisfied + 14 Very Satisfied = 22 Satisfied and Very Satisfied Responses


22 Satisfied and Very Satisfied Responses ÷ 28 Total Responses = 78.57%


How is the Satisfaction Data Displayed?

Data is displayed in two ways, as a graphic showing the number of responses at each satisfaction level with your Satisfaction Score, and as a graph.



1. Very Unsatisfied

2. Somewhat Unsatisfied

3. Neutral

4. Somewhat Satisfied

5. Very Satisfied

6. Overall Score



1. Frequency Selection

2. Percentage of Responses Labels

3. Percentage of Responses Data Set

4. Satisfaction Score Labels

5. Satisfaction Score Line Graph

6. Hover-Over Summary

7. Frequency Labels


How to View the Satisfaction Report

 1. Log in to the QuickTapSurvey Web App and click Reports.



2. Click the Satisfaction button.


The page will automatically populate the most recently updated survey that includes a Satisfaction question.

3. Click the Survey dropdown to choose the survey you want to analyze. 


How to Filter the Satisfaction Report by Users


1. Click on the Users dropdown.



2. Select the users for which you would like data displayed.



The selected users will be displayed.




How to Filter the Satisfaction by Date Range 

1. Click the Date Range dropdown to choose from different date range options, or choose a custom date range. 



2. Select the data range you would like to analyze. You can choose from one of the preset date ranges or choose a custom range.



How to Select Graph Frequency

 The graph can be shown with a frequency by day, week, month, or year. 

The following examples show data filtered for a two month period.