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Create a Response Notification

 A Response Notification is an email notification that is sent when a survey response matches a set of logical conditions


How to Create a Response Notification

1. Log in to the QuickTapSurvey Web App and click Notifications.



2. Select Response Notifications.

3. Click the Create Notification button.

4. Give your notification a name.

5. Choose the Survey which will trigger the notification.


6. A notification can evaluate multiple conditions. Choose whether the notification will be activated when any of the conditions are met, or ifall of the conditions are met.



7. Select a Question to evaluate.

8. Choose the condition's operator from the options: isis notcontainsgreater than or less than.

9. Choose the Answer being evaluated.

10. If you wish to evaluate multiple conditions, click the Add Condition button to add the next condition.

Follow steps 7 - 9 until you have added all the conditions you need.

11. Enter an email address to send the notification to.

12. Enter the subject line for the notification email.

13. Enter the message body of the notification email.

14. Click Save.

You have now created your response notification.