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Question Piping in Response Notifications

You can add Question Piping to Response Notifications.

 Piping Option  Output Information
$qts:answer#$Displays the answer for a question. Replace "#" with the Question ID for the question from which you would like to display the answer.
$qts:summary$Displays a summary of all of the answers in the survey response.
$qts:srid$Displays the Survey Response ID of the response. This is a unique identifier for a specific survey response.
$qts:date$Displays the date on which the response was collected.
$qts:time$Displays the time on which the response was collected (based on the time zone set for the device used to collect the response.)

 To add Question Piping options to your Response Notification, enter them in the Message field. 



Based on the following survey a message can be created to automatically pipe in the First Name ($qts:answer1$), Last Name ($qts:answer2$), and Email Address ($qts:answer3$).




Response Notification Message: