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Scratch Card

Scratch Card (Swipe to Reveal) is used to uncover one of up to eight hidden images. This question type is only available with the Premium Plan.  A minimum of two images must be uploaded to the question and one of them will be randomly picked every time a user takes the survey. You can upload up to eight images. In order to increase the frequency of an image appearing (ie. your instant prize), simply upload more of that particular image. For example, if you wish an image to appear two-thirds of the time, upload the image which you would like to be seen 2/3 of the time twice, and the image you would like to be seen 1/3 of the time once.


Please note that Scratch Card (Swipe to Reveal) only displays images. If you want to display text, you will need to create an image with the text on it.  



The Scratch Card question type is not supported for Online surveys. 



Answers - Enter up to 8 possible answers. Each answer must include a text label and an image file.