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Adding International Keyboards for Multi-Language Surveys - iOS

If you need users to answer text-based questions in multiple languages, you can add International Keyboards to your iOS device.

 Note: International keyboards are only available for the Text - Single Line and Text - Multi Line question types. 


How to Add International Keyboards to Your iPad

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Smartphone - Tap General.

    Tablet - Skip to Step 3.


3. Smartphone - Tap Keyboard.

    Tablet - Tap International.


4. Tap Keyboards.


5. Tap Add New Keyboard....


6. Select the keyboard(s) you would like to add.


You have now added these keyboard(s) to your iPad and to QuickTapSurvey.


How to Access the Keyboard(s) in Your Survey

 1. Tap the Globe Icon on the bottom left of the keyboard.


2. Tap the keyboard language you would like to use.