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Disabling the Home and Sleep/Wake Buttons - iPad

If you want to restrict access to other apps on the iPad, and do not have a kiosk enclosure that covers the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons, you can disable them.  


How to Disable the Home and Sleep/Wake Buttons

1. Launch the Settings app. 

2. Tap Accessibility.


3. Scroll down and tap Guided Access.


4. Enable Guided Access.


5. Tap Passcode, and set a passcode for the Guided Access settings.


6. Return to QuickTapSurvey and launch your survey.


7. On the first screen of the survey, quickly press the Home Button 3 times. 


8. Tap the Options button under Hardware Buttons if you'd like to Unable or Disable Sleep/Wake Button and Volume Buttons.(The default option is disabled)


9. Press the Start button at the top right of the screen to fully enable Guided Access


Your Home Button, Sleep/Wake Button, and Volume Buttons are now disabled.