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Manage multiple clients using a single QTS account

If you are using a single QuickTapSurvey account to manage surveys for multiple clients, perhaps you don't want one client seeing surveys or responses that have been created for other clients. For example, let's suppose you are an agency that is conducting customer acquisition campaigns for three different brands (i.e. clients). You have created a survey for each client and want to give each client the ability to view and download their survey responses. 

In order to manage multiple clients, you will need to create users with view-only access to a specific survey.

How to Create Users with View-Only Access to a Specific Survey

1. Create a new user for the client. 

2. Assign the Data Viewer role to the new user.

3. Assign the specific survey for the client to the new user.

4. Log in to the QuickTapSurvey Web App with the new user and verify that you only see the survey for this client.

5. Send the username and password of the new user to your client.