QuickTapSurvey Support Center

Getting Started with Collecting Survey Responses

With a QuickTapSurvey account, you can create surveys online using the QuickTapSurvey Web App. However, in order to collect responses, you need to use the QuickTapSurvey app on a supported device.

The QuickTapSurvey app will let you collect survey responses without an Internet connection.


Overview of How QuickTapSurvey Works

1. While connected to the Internet, the QuickTapSurvey app downloads the latest version of your survey(s). In order to collect responses, your surveys need to be published.

2. The app stores your survey(s) locally and will now work offline. Survey responses will be stored in the app until the device is reconnected to the Internet.

3. When the device is reconnected to the Internet, you can send all stored responses to the server.

How to Collect Survey Responses Using Your Mobile Device

1. Download the QuickTapSurvey app to your device.

2. Log in to the QuickTapSurvey app.

3. Download your survey(s) to the app on your device.

4. Collect survey responses with your device with or without an Internet connection.

5. Send responses to the server on your device.